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Audtool in AmBev

The Audtool System was customized for AmBev from March / 2014 to be used in DPO - Distribution Process Optimisation, Operational Guide that has aimed to define operational standards, tools and attitudes needed to change the level of results.
  • 115 Operations enrolled (Brazil and the Dominican Republic);
  • Over 230 companies involved;
  • Over 44,800 answers of Assessments generated monthly;

Audtool in ALL

The Audtool System was customized for ALL - America Latina Logistica from January / 2011 to be used in Housekeeping (5S) process that aims to develop a systematic planning seeking process efficiency and compliance with legislation;
  • Over 3,000 periodic self-assessments;
  • Over 900 annual external audits;
  • Automated closure of auditing process;