The Audtool System

Meet the main advantages on using Audtool to assist in managing your audits and assessments.

  • Application in other languages??;
  • Customization by type of User vs. type of Questionnaire;
  • Allows visualize results by subject, management, question types, types of environments, activities, assessment cycles, types of questionnaires, evaluator, evaluated, among others;
  • Allows the inclusion of evidence (photographs / reports / testimony) attached directly to the question or item;
  • The Assessment can be performed using the app on tablets, allowing the insertion of evidences during the evaluation directly to the item being evaluated;
  • Reports are used to track the completion of assessments, sending to all people involved an automatic email ALERT with the previously established not complying situations with the assessed activity;
  • It features a procedure that allows regularizing of the assessed items not complying, duly verified by the inclusion of evidence of compliance;
  • Unlimited number of users, questionnaires, sections, questions;
  • Possibility of using weights to strengthen questionnaires or items highlighted in the questions;
  • Imports managerial data comparing planned vs. performed;
  • Comparisons of quantitative indicators predicted vs. performed;